Home Organization - Office

Week 4 of the Bowl Full of Lemons Home Organization 101 challenge -- The Office. I don't really have an office, so I cleaned up my computer desk. I usually have a stack of papers and some trash, and the kids have pencils and things out (and play with my husbands military coins). So I got a trash can to put by the desk for the trash, put the pencils in the box on the shelf (we have a big box for random writing instruments), cleaned up and put the coins back, and got a file thing for our papers that won't be filed away in the filing cabinet yet (school stuff, bills...). Didn't take too long, which is a nice change after taking about 3 weeks for the garage.

Speaking of the garage. I have moved some stuff to my shed and made more room for my car to fit comfortably (see my garage part 2 post). I now have room to paint the shelves I've been meaning to put up. When my husband returns we will go through the rest of the stuff and move things into a long-term storage area (crawl space under the family room). Nice to have a place to park now that the weather is getting colder and rainier.


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