Baby Gift Set

My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby girl this month (they currently have 3 boys), so I made a small gift. The sweater is from the pattern "Helena", but I made it with buttons instead of a tie closure. The booties are "Furrylicious Baby Boot" pattern. These are actually the 3rd pair I've made from this pattern. Super cute and fairly easy to make. And the bonnet is "B├ęguin de Printemps". I liked how the picot edging matched the sweater. Hope my new niece likes it!


Genealogy Scrapbook

For Father's Day I made my dad a family history/genealogy scrapbook. It has 5 generations of info. I don't have a lot of family photos, so I filled it mostly with documents and records I have found online. I translated the stuff not in English. At the back of the book I also added a 9 generation fan chart. You can browse the whole thing at Shutterfly, where I had it made into a book.


More Disney Crafts

We just finished up our Disney World trip (and one day at Universal Studios), and it was amazing. Seriously, so fun. We spent the week hanging out with my family, and our kids had a blast together.
I made my kids t-shirts for each day. A vague take on various Disney characters.

-Mulan, Lightning McQueen, Snow White, Nemo

-the Incredibles

-Tiana, Adventureland-lost boys expedition, Rapunzel, pirate Mickey

-Mike (from Monsters, Inc), Jasmine, Simba, and Merida

-Harry Potter themed shirts for Universal's Islands of Adventure.

And I customized water bottles for all 14 of us going.

I also made an autograph book, though we barely ended up using it because the lines were so long.
I had it printed through Blurb, then got it spiral bound at Office Depot for about $4.


2014 Project List

It's the beginning of the new year, and people everywhere are talking about resolutions. I don't like resolutions. I like goals and projects. Resolutions just doesn't sound concrete enough for me. So I don't make them.
But, I do make goals and project lists. This year my goal is to work on my health and lose some weight (well, more than some hopefully). I will exercise more regularly and continue to change eating habits to more healthy whole foods. I do have specific goals and tasks toward those big ideas, so they aren't just ideas. But I don't feel like getting into those specifics right now.
Then I have my project list. There are always things to be done. And I love lists. So, I made a list of the projects I want to do during the year. Some are time specific, others aren't. I have even categorized them for convenience. I'm sharing the list here to help keep me accountable. Hopefully I will take photos and remember to post on this blog about the projects as they get done.

House stuff:

Build fire pit
Finish side yard path and plant ground cover
Finish shed, install door
Build garage shelving on North wall (to match the ones on the south wall)
Buy/build desk for girl’s room
Paint doors and trim
Install siding along back of house


Clean out closets and sort clothes into totes
Toys- clean out and donate
Craft corner
Food Storage- fill water jugs, can rotators
Garage- once shelves are built

Disney items- shirts and travel stuff for April trip to Florida

Refinish boy’s dresser- paint blue, and mod podge maps to drawers
Make giant ruler growth chart
Family tree craft- something with the kids, and a fan chart for my dad
Hang picture frames at piano
Finish second stocking for second child
Finish sewing roman shades for family room (been cut and waiting for over a year)
Playroom word art- a Bored Board


Go camping at least once in the summer
Study women in the scriptures
Potty train youngest
Learn to make macaroons
Find perfect dinner roll recipe (I've been looking for a while already)

Photography: (but they will mostly live on my photography blog)

Make and print family yearbooks (got 7 years made and ready to print at Blurb already)
Dance themed photo shoot
‘Kids were here’ once a month photos/blog post
Project 52- a photo a week, based on themes from a group at Clickin Moms
Monthly photo of me and my kid(s)- hosted by Eclectic Journey Photography
Learn Lightroom better- watch Creative Live's Lightroom course
Take more lifestyle photographs of my own family- especially working on indoor lighting
On-camera flash technique- reread Neil van Niekerk's book and practice
Work through old ‘Creativity Exercises’ at Clickin Moms

I think that sums up my project list for the year. It seems like a lot, but spread out over 365 days, I think it's manageable (and some of those are husband projects).