Frilly Apron

I am not a girly girl. I was always a tomboy. I can appreciate dressing up every once in a while, but not all the time. My sister-in-law is the complete opposite. For Christmas I made her this apron. She once blogged about how much she liked this pattern and the bright colors. I didn't use the same fabrics, but I tried to get bright colors and floral-ish patterns. Hope she appreciates my efforts considering I would never have chosen this myself.

Items for our new baby

I am pregnant and due in March. And since baby things are so fun and quick to knit, I have been doing plenty of that. We aren't finding out whether it's a boy or girl until the big day, so I have to find neutral patterns and colors. Here are some of my projects.


Crocheted hat


I found all these patterns free through Ravelry (best knitting community site ever!).

Holiday Vest

My daughters have matching dresses for Christmas. Their idea, not mine. I couldn't find a good matching outfit for my son, so I decided to knit him a vest. It's green and sparkly, just like the dresses. He is very excited to wear it. I know this can't last forever, so I am taking full advantage. The pattern can be found for free at Naturally Caron.

Eyeglass Chains

My grandmother loved her eyeglass chain that I made her last year. She wore it all the time. In fact, she wore it out. I had to replace the monofilament (I replaced it with metal wire) and the connector (replace the thread/fabric one with a plastic one). This year I made her a few more. Now she can change them out to match her outfits. I also made one for my oldest child, who recently became a full-time glasses wearer. Hers is the one on the right.


Blue Vest

I recently finished knitting the Pembroke Vest. I made some changes. I knit it with the 2 year old size for the width, but the 4 year old size for the length (my son is very skinny for his height). I also changed the middle cable pattern to the one from THIS PATTERN. Both of those are free patterns, if you are interested in knitting them.
It was a lot of work, but worth it. My son loves it, and wore it to church the day after I finished it.


Cabled Pink Dress

Ok, so I actually finished this dress in May. Anyway, here are the photos.
The pattern is Bliss by Allegra Wermuth


Some free templates

On a photography website I frequent they have a section of forums dedicated to people doing freebies for others. I have participated in both giving and receiving these freebies. In the spirit of giving, I am offering them to you as well. They are photo cards for invitations and announcements. You just put your photo in the blank spot and add your info (using any photo/drawing software). Enjoy!

jungle card web

transport card web

Preview: front
Download Front Back

Preview: front
Download Front Back


Ravelympics Hat

I am participating in the "Ravelympics". It's an event through the knitting community website Ravelry. During the Olympics, you 'compete' in different knitting events by finishing knitting projects. Here is a felted hat I made for one event.
Before felting:

After felting:


Update-Camera Strap Cover

In doing a self-portrait every day for the month of February, I got a shot with the camera strap cover. Here it is!
Feb 1, 2010

Lace Shawl

before blocking
For Christmas I had planned on knitting a lace shawl for my grandmother. Well, I didn't get it done. But, her birthday is in January, and I did get it done in time for that. It has pearl buttons as a closure too.

Knit Headband

I made a knit headband for my oldest daughter. She loves pink, and putting her hair up. It just ties on in the back.
Here is my younger daughter modeling it.

Dan's DNA

For a handmade Christmas gift for my new nephew Daniel I knitted a toy DNA model. It's kind of funny, because when my brother was younger he always said he was going to be a geneticist when he grew up. He didn't, but with an early start, his son might. I even spelled out his name in the base pairs.


Free 5x7 photo card templates

I was looking around for a free red damask card template and could find one. So I made one, well actually I made 5. The cards use the free damask print from Pixels and Ice Cream (who has other wonderful things too). Hope you enjoy using them.
Download Here


Chef Hat and Apron

One of my sister in laws was in culinary school. She loves to cook. I made this hat and apron for her 2 1/2 year old, so he can cook with her.

Mini Tag Blanket

I made this cute tag blanket for one of my nephews. The fabric is nice and soft (and cute). And it's a great size for taking it along in the diaper bag.

Meat Rub

Found a great All Purpose meat rub recipe at All Recipes. Well, I didn't follow the recipe exactly (I never do). My brother likes to grill, and I thought it would be nice thing for him to have on hand the next time he fires up the bbq.

Diaper Pouch and Changing Pad

Now that Christmas is over I'll share some of my other crafty gifts.
Here is a cute diaper pouch and matching changing pad I made for my sister in law who just had her second baby. She has several purses, and this should come in handy to just slip a few diapers and wipes in one of them in a hurry.

Now that Christmas is over I'll share some of my other crafty