Home Organization - Linen Closet

This weeks challenge on A Bowl Full of Lemons - Linen Closet. My linen closet is very small. On the one hand it makes cleaning it up fairly quick. On the other, it means I have to be really organized to fit everything in. I've organized my linen closet before, so this weeks task isn't all that difficult, just a little straightening up. I like the easy weeks. It helps make up for the difficult ones (like last weeks master bedroom...which I am still working on).

-The top shelf are large quilts and hand made baby blankets.
-Second shelf is napkins, placemats, seasonal towels, extra cleaning rags, a basket of misc things (like bed sheet stretchy hook things, to keep the sheets taut), and 1st aid kit. The hanging shelf has table cloths and an apron I hardly ever use.
-The 3rd shelf has guest towels, burp rags and bibs, and extra kids towels.
-On the 4th shelf down are bed linens (toddler/crib, twin, baby blankets...and a snuggie).
-And on the floor is my bedding, all neatly folded and stored inside the matching pillowcase. The blue one is still in the wash from when I changed my sheets this past week while cleaning my bedroom.

I may not have folded it as neatly as I could have, but they are all organized and in their spots...and the kids even know where things are/go.



Nebuchudnessar said...

It looks great, very nicely organised

organize with me said...

nice job!