Mod Monkey Invitation Template

A few days ago, on a message board, someone wanted to make a 1st birthday invitation with a 'mod monkey' theme for her twins. She was wanting some design help. After looking up this theme online, I did these templates. The gray areas are for inserting pictures. And the fonts I used were free, so I included the names so you could match the font when making your invites with these templates. Just put in your pictures, add the information on the party and print. The first one comes in both singular and plural (for multiples) They are 4x6, at 300ppi so they can be printed at any major photo printing outlet.
Download them here

Here is what the 1st template looks like:

Here are my demo's for all three.


Knitting Projects

I've been on a bit of a knitting jag lately. Here are some recent projects (all are one skein projects)
A seamless pullover sweater.

A wavy drop stitch scarf

Newborn size baby leggings (know anyone with a newborn who would want them?)