My Week

So this week has been kinda long. Last Wednesday my car broke down. Me and the kids had to wait 1.5 hours for my husband to finally get around to getting us. We were late for Cub Scouts too. Anyway, On Sunday my husband and I stayed up finishing his homework, or rather he did homework and I checked it. He likes me to read his papers before he submits them. Then on Monday My husband became a Naturalized Citizen of the US. The ceremony itself takes less than an hour, but we had to drive 2 hours to get there, wait in line 1/2 an hour to get into the building, and another 2 hours drive home. On Wednesday my daughter started preschool (she would have started on Monday, but we were gone y'know). She found out that one of her best friends is in her class. Meanwhile, my car is still not fixed and I've had to bum rides off my mom. And then after all my work for the cub scouts, they cancelled it without telling me. So I show up with all my stuff and my plan and am ready to go, and no boys were there. Thanks alot, I had the whole year's schedule planned out, now its all screwed up, and on the 2nd week too. I don't have a make-up day until december. Geez, just because some of the other classes and older kids won't be around doesn't mean you have to cancel everything going on in the entire building! I am seriously irked. And it might not have been so bad if they had at least told me about it! It was just me and 2 boys that they hadn't told, one was a webelos and one was a wolf. ARGH!
On Thursday a friend took my daughter to school and picked her up, and let her play over at her house for a few hours. I actually had some time to myself (when the baby took his naps). Oh, I also forgot to mention, Last Saturday our computer got a virus. And this was no 24-hour flu, the whole thing is now infected and we are trying to save what information we can before having to re-format and reinstall all the programs. So, my digital scrapbooking has been put on hold, and my blogging. We have borrowed my brothers laptop so that my husband can still do his homework, which is what I now have to use to check e-mail and do this blog. Anywho, Today is gonna be lots of chores and things, so I'd better go.
Congratulations to all the immigrants who were naturalized on Monday (National Immigration Day), You did things the right way, and not the illegal way! Yeah! It's worth the wait and the money!


Long Weekend

I can't believe it's been so long since I've written. I've been busy trying to get my daughter into kindergarten. The school district won't let her in because her birthday is in October and their cut-off for entrance is Sept. 1st. So, even though all her friends are in school now, and she is as smart and well-adjusted as they, she cannot go. All because of the age. How rude. So we are officially home-schooling her for kindergarten and will e putting her into public school starting 1st grade next year. So, she'll be where she should be, and with her friends. Take that stupid school district. If we were in a different state, she would be allowed in automatically because the cut-off dates are after her birthday. Stupid Washington state law!

Anyway, my kindergartener is very into Halloween this year. She already has her costume all picked out (I'm making it myself). and wants a Halloween birthday party. And wants to start decorating for Halloween right now. I'm OK with starting work on her costume, but I am NOT decorating the house right now.

In other news, I did my first Sharing time in Primary last week, and my second one this week. I get the next 2 weeks off (for Stake Conference and a class presentation) then I get 1 ST more for this month. I am still going to play the piano for the program, which will be Oct. 28.

Also, in 1 week my husband will take the Oath of Allegiance and become a US Citizen. That only took 5 1/2 years and well over a thousand dollars!

Well, that's it for now.