Home Organization - Master Bedroom

It took me a little over a week to clean and organize my master bedroom, which was last weeks challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons. Mainly because I started the week with the flu, then my kids got it. And I usually do a lot of cleaning while my youngest naps, but this week he napped on my bed. Not as easy to clean the room he is in.
Anyway, I got it done. Now that it's clean I realize how little decoration it has. I still need to get better curtains, a rug, a headboard, and I'd like to put photos or art on the walls. I do some family photos on one wall (with the dresser) and one of my flower photos on another wall, that I put up this week. But it needs more. It is feeling very bare right now.
^ My clematis photo

On to the photos. Before, in need of serious picking up. Lots of clothes on the floor, some of them are even mine. And a bag of clean laundry that I haven't yet folded.

My dresser. The drawers  are organized, but the top needs work. It's sort of a catch-all right now.

 After, cleaned off dresser. I can actually find my jewelry now.

I have a floor! Boy does it need a rug. And I need to move the bassinet back to the garage now that baby is 18 months old (to be fair, he still fits in it because he is tiny for his age).


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Anonymous said...

Wow girl. Your room was a MESS! Looks alot better, however, I think floor length curtains would be prettier, something over the bed and a headboard too. A rug for sure, and spruce up the bedding a bit! Thats just my 2 cents.