Paisley Invitations

I am slowly putting together stuff for my 10th anniversary party. It's only 10 months away. I've put together an invitation (as seen above). I will be printing on my home printer at 4 to a page. I am also sharing the blank paisley card with all of you, so you too can print a cute card with a colorful paisley border.

You can find a PDF with 4 to a page HERE

Oh, and if you like the fake Hindi font, it's called Samarkan, and you can download it free from dafont


Airplane Party Invitations

My son will be turning 5 in the fall and will be having an airplane themed birthday party. I've made some invitations that look like boarding passes (name and info have been changed, of course).

I am sharing the blank template with you for free. If you want it, just click the photo. Also, you can get a personalized barcode from several free places online (if you want to add that to the invite, like in the example). It'd be cute if it said 'Ben is five' or something.

Mom, I'm Bored!

I hate hearing that phrase in my house. My kids have lots of toys and books and plenty of imagination. They should never be bored. So, for this summer I made an "I'm Bored" jar.
I just took a 1 quart wide mouthed mason jar, put a cute sunshine label on it (image is clickable if you want to print it yourself), and filled it with papers telling them things to do (lots of fun stuff, some chores). When they tell me they are bored, they must choose a paper out of the jar and do whatever it says.
If you want my list of things to do, CLICK HERE


Another Purple Dress

Using some leftover purple paisley fabric from my older daughter's dress, I made a dress for my younger daughter
I also made a matching fabric rose for her hair (using THIS tutorial)


Wedding Anniversary

I got married at 19 years old. We were in college and poorer than poor. We had a small ceremony in a friends backyard and no real 'reception' to speak of other than people eating cake after the ceremony. My husband's family couldn't even be there because they are from a different country and couldn't afford to fly to the US at the time. Well, 9 years have gone by already and I really want to do something special for our 10th anniversary. We have more money now than we did then, and I want my family and my husband's family to meet. I have 11 months to plan an awesome anniversary party. I am also planning on making the decorations and things myself, being the crafter and DIY-er that I am.
Since my husband is Indian, we are going with a fun and festive Bollywood theme. Rich colors, lots of bling, spicy food, and tons of fun.
Here is my dreamboard for it