Ravelympics Hat

I am participating in the "Ravelympics". It's an event through the knitting community website Ravelry. During the Olympics, you 'compete' in different knitting events by finishing knitting projects. Here is a felted hat I made for one event.
Before felting:

After felting:


Update-Camera Strap Cover

In doing a self-portrait every day for the month of February, I got a shot with the camera strap cover. Here it is!
Feb 1, 2010

Lace Shawl

before blocking
For Christmas I had planned on knitting a lace shawl for my grandmother. Well, I didn't get it done. But, her birthday is in January, and I did get it done in time for that. It has pearl buttons as a closure too.

Knit Headband

I made a knit headband for my oldest daughter. She loves pink, and putting her hair up. It just ties on in the back.
Here is my younger daughter modeling it.

Dan's DNA

For a handmade Christmas gift for my new nephew Daniel I knitted a toy DNA model. It's kind of funny, because when my brother was younger he always said he was going to be a geneticist when he grew up. He didn't, but with an early start, his son might. I even spelled out his name in the base pairs.