I got my Shutterfly photobook in the mail the other day. It's from our family trip to Fiji, in 2007. I took over 700 pictures while there and managed to condense them down to a 55 page 8x8 photo book. I put in some of my digital scrapbook pages too. It turned out great. I'm really happy with the quality of it. Gotta love ShutterFly!


Teacher Apprecitaion

It's the end of the school year for us. Anjali wanted to give her teacher a gift. Here is what we did:
Bought a nice bottle of anti-bacterial soap (a very nice smelling one). Put in a few clear glass pebbles (the kind used in vases). Took off the front label on the bottle. Added our own label that I made on the computer, and made into a sticker with my Xyron machine. Tied on a cute matching ribbon. And voila! A cute customized teach gift.
--I tried to print the label on a transparency to put it into the bottle, but my printer didn't want to do transparencies, the ink wouldn't dry. But, if yours would work, then the label could be clear and inside the bottle.--