Dec 1 - Holidays in Hand

My main computer is on the fritz (again!) and I can't make any layouts yet. But, I can still do the journaling for the Jessica Sprague Holidays in Hand project.

My thoughts about my family's holiday values...
Most of my values are religion based. As a Christian, I celebrate the birth of Jesus this time of year. The idea of love and family is very important to me. My parents taught me about the 'true meaning of Christmas' from a very early age, and I try to teach my children the same thing. While it's fun to get gifts, and to give them, I try not to focus on presents but on the spirit of the season. Hopefully my children are learning these things too, and some day will pass along these values to their children as well.

My earliest holiday memory...
I remember lots of things having to do with Christmas. If you know my mother, you know that she plays Christmas music all year around. It is by far her favorite time of year. She decorates like crazy. I remember always getting a special ornament each year from her or my grandparents. There are special family recipes that we always make. We have done nativity plays at my grandparents home. One year my uncle even dressed up as Santa to give us presents on Christmas Eve. I don't know which memory is the earliest, but they are always happy.

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