Dec 2 - Holidays in Hand

Still without photoshop :(

Reading Welcome Home for the Holidays helps to put things into perspective. As the holiday season gets into swing I can't help but think of the chores to be done, crafts to be finished, and recipes to be made. But having a clean, well-decorated home full of yumy foods isn't what makes a house inviting. It's the love and warmth that you put into it. The kids probably won't remember how clean (or not clean) the house was, but they will remember the magic of the season. I hope to not get bogged down in the details and create a loving home that family and friends would feel welcome to visit.

Remember cooking with an older relative...
I have always loved baking with my grandma. I would help stir in chocolaate chips, measure flours, or best of all, taste test. We also made gingerbread houses with her every year (and got to eat the extra candy). I learned to make stuffing at her house, and how to get the gravy 'just so'.
There are certain family recipes that are made every year. A few years ago I made special small recipe scrapbooks for me, my mom, and my sister-in-law with all the family Christmas recipes. I think it's wonderful that we have these traditions.

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