Dec 4 - Holidays in Hand

I have a couple of holiday decorations that I inherited. One is a crocheted boot that my great grandmother made. My grandfather had it in his home for years, and then it got passed down to me (the first grandchild to get married and have kids). I also have a hanging jingle bell thing from my mother. It doesn’t have any particular value, but I remember it being on our front door as a child, and my mother was getting rid of it, so I took it. Now it hangs on my front door.
My mother loves Christmas. She plays Christmas music all year around in her car. All year she watches Christmas movies while ironing. But, we don’t let her decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. So, this has become the tradition. After we do any black Friday shopping, we go to my parent’s house and decorate. She has about 16 giant plastic totes full of decorations and lights and things. I only have 2 totes, but I figure that someday I will probably have just as many, since I love the holidays too.

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