Holidays in Hand: Assignment 1

I'm doing a wonderful class at about taking time during the holidays and recording memories. Jessica Sprague is awesome. And the class is free. Well, first on the agenda is to figure out your holiday values and goals.

Value: Keeping in touch with family and friends
Goal: Send out Christmas cards on time

Value: Spirituality
Goal: Attend church and other uplifting holiday programs-not just about santa

Value: Meaningful gifts
Goal: Handmade, thoughtful gifts for everyone this year

Value: Involve the kids
Goal: Kids help make decorations, cookies, and candy trees

Value: Help those less fortunate
Goal: Donate old but decent toys and clothes

Value: Make it magical for the kids
Goal: See the Lights of Christmas, do special things just for the kids to have fun, hide those presents!


Deb said...

Hi there ~ I found your blog through the class we're taking with Jessica. I enjoyed reading your list of values and goals!

sharyncarlson said...

Hi! Just stopping by from HIH. I love how you've organized your list by values and then goals that support them. Thanks for the inspiration!

tyme2blog said...

Awesoem start and great Values and goals.