Weekly Meal Planning

Here is one organizational thing I already do. It's already a part of my weekly routine. Meal Planning.
Back when I was first married we were still in college. We had our first child within the first year of our marriage. My husband was out of work, and I was only working part time while also taking classes. Needless to say, the budget was tight, and small. So, one thing we found was that planning our meals helped save a bunch of money. Sometimes, like during the holiday season, I plan a whole month of meals. That way, I know if we are having lasagna twice in the month and I can make them at the same time and freeze one, thus saving time. I still do most of my shopping once a week, but I know that if a food item is on sale, I can get it because I already have a plan to use it.
Anyway, mostly I just plan one week at a time, usually on Monday morning. Then I make my shopping list. I made a little planner for myself. I print it out and then fill it in. It gets posted on the refrigerator, so the kids don't have to ask "what's for dinner?"
You can download it for yourself HERE

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