DIY Double Pointed Knitting Needle Case

I took a thick placemat and turned it into a case for my small double pointed knitting needles. It fit perfectly. Now I have a nice place for my needles sizes US 00-US 10.
I used a thick placemat so the needles wouldn't poke through easily. First I folded up the bottom end, and finger pressed it in place. Then I measured and evenly divided the pockets. I found matching thread and did a little sewing. I labeled the pockets So I could easily find what I was looking for. Then I simply fold down the top part and roll up to carry. Maybe I should attach a ribbon to keep it closed...another day.


Anonymous said...

Nice story you got here. It would be great to read something more about that topic. Thanx for posting this info.

********** said...

can not wait to make one of these for myself, and possibly one for my friend who taught me to knit!