Home Organization - Pantry

My 'pantry' is just a tall cabinet in my kitchen. So this weeks organization challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons on organizing your pantry was actually pretty easy. It only took me 2 minutes. I had cleaned it out a couple months ago and actually kept it pretty nice in the mean time. And in my garage, I have my long-term (or at least longer term) food storage. It is still fairly organized. And I have plans to build a can rotation shelf for my smaller vegetable and soup cans, to take up some of the vertical space.

My kitchen is looking pretty good.

In other news, our retaining wall is in in the back yard and the patio pavers are started.

And my garage is looking better. I took a load of stuff to the dump this morning. Now I have a nice clean place to sort through the last of those boxes. My car might fit in there soon.

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