Wearing an Indian Saree

My first saree was a gift from my husband (who is Indian) when I turned 19 - also the day we got engaged. Since then I've gotten many more. When I first tried to wear a saree I googled it and found a picture tutorial. So, while I've seen people wear them in ways other than the basic most widely used way, I never knew how they did it. So, last week while browsing an online saree store I found these YouTube videos that demonstrated different styles. Here are the links for those videos. {all the videos are from and the sound cuts out after the first 15 seconds or so}
Tips on How to Wear Indian Sarees
How to wear Saree
How to wear saree in Rajasthani Style
How to wear saree in Mermaid Style
How to wear saree in Flowing style
How to wear saree in Bengali Style
How to wear saree in Ghaghara Style (or How to wear a Ghagra in a saree style)

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