Wedding Anniversary

I got married at 19 years old. We were in college and poorer than poor. We had a small ceremony in a friends backyard and no real 'reception' to speak of other than people eating cake after the ceremony. My husband's family couldn't even be there because they are from a different country and couldn't afford to fly to the US at the time. Well, 9 years have gone by already and I really want to do something special for our 10th anniversary. We have more money now than we did then, and I want my family and my husband's family to meet. I have 11 months to plan an awesome anniversary party. I am also planning on making the decorations and things myself, being the crafter and DIY-er that I am.
Since my husband is Indian, we are going with a fun and festive Bollywood theme. Rich colors, lots of bling, spicy food, and tons of fun.
Here is my dreamboard for it

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Heath said...

Wow--Congratulations, and good work! I am so happy that I found you in the blog world, and super excited to see what you plan for that special day. Please keep the craftiness coming!!!