Bassinet Cover

With a new baby, I feel the need to have new things. One of the things I felt I absolutely must have is a new cover for our bassinet. I already have 2 covers, but they were for other kids and in other apartments. Now we have our own house and the other covers just don't go with our wall color. So, I set about sewing a new cover. At one time I had a pattern. That is long gone. So, I just took measurements from the previous cover and winged it.
We don't know the gender of our baby, so I chose some brown fabric. It has tan, green and blue circles on it (which go with the blue walls nicely). If we have a boy I have blue and green blankets which will match perfectly. If we end up with a girl, I have plenty of pink and purple blankets that will go just as well with the dark brown.

I think it turned out pretty well.

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