Air Force

So, my husband serves in the Air Force reserves. He participated this weekend in the transportation Rodeo 2007 at McChord AFB. He got to work with teams from all over the world. I took our kids down to see the closing ceremonies on Friday, what a fun time. We had dinner with some airmen from Pakistan and South Korea. A few men from Saudi Arabia gave our kids hats from their team. The observers from India also stopped and talked with us. My husband is Indian, so they spoke in Hindi and Urdu, and I had no idea what was being said. I have been struggling to get my husband to teach me Hindi for 5-6 years now; I can still barely understand when he talks on the phone to his mom, and with her he uses English every 5th word! Oh well, maybe as our kids grow older and he spends more time teaching them Hindi I'll pick up more.

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